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Discover Your Path to Aliveness

online & in-person coaching and spiritual direction

Billy Daniel

coach & spiritual director

I am an Episcopal priest, author, coach, mentor, spiritual director & retreat leader. I have served for more than 20 years in education and parish ministry, working in large and small organizations. I received my Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Nottingham, England, and have devoted my research, writing, teaching and service to how we humans grow to perceive ourselves, others, and our environments through embodied habits. As a coach and spiritual director, I enjoy helping people learn to live and move from the aliveness at the center of their being—to move from their authentic Self. I would love to partner with you in bringing your inner aliveness into reality.


what you'll discover and unleash

Your Inner Aliveness

Your True Potential

Your Heart's Transformation

Your Desired Goals

Your Personalized Objectives


The journey towards aliveness begins with YOU. Book your free discovery call today to embrace the adventure of your life.

Billy helped me see connections and patterns in my life that I had thought were separate matters, enabling me to process them more effectively and deliberately.

- Michael

Billy is a great listener!

- Brandon

Billy worked with me find structure and flow, helping me to name competing commitments in my life. Transformative.

- Taylor

Aliveness in Action

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