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Books by Billy Daniel


“For those hungry and thirsty for a moment's peace or a lifetime of the same, Inhabited by Grace is a must read. Daniel does not take lightly the deep truth that there is no division between the body and the soul; the abundant life Jesus offered is found in the practice of authentic spiritual discipline and piety. Three cheers––or perhaps whispers––for this great work.”

     ––The Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr


“This is a pearl of a book—steeped in the wisdom of the ancient church, of attentiveness to the Bible, for contemporary pastoral and liturgical practice. As William Daniel gazes upon God he trains us to do the same. And the God who gazes back in Christ changes us. He is full of demanding love and insistent mercy. As a reader I couldn’t get enough.”

     ––The Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee


“A beautiful series of meditations on the spiritual life.” 

     ––The Rev. Dr. Juan Oliver


“The liturgy is not the work of the people. Instead, argues William Daniel, the liturgy is Christ—the gate linking divine and human, heaven and earth. Daniel holds out to us the way of ‘intra-action’: we become human in and through God’s action in the liturgy. Christ the Liturgy offers what liturgical theology is most in need of: a deep recovery of the patristic ontology of participation.”

     —Hans Boersma, author of Seeing God


“In terms at once clear and sophisticated, William Daniel explains how liturgy is in no way a mere appendage either to Christian Life or to Theology. Our very access to God is through worship, which synergically fuses the divine and the human and renders us supremely receptive only through the highest pitch of our activity. It is the Incarnation that enacts and enables this fusion, and the offering of the liturgy is itself the perpetuation of the Incarnation. The consequent Augustinian identity of Christ with true praise of God is here articulated with a new directness and precision.”

     —John Milbank, University of Nottingham


“Christ the Liturgy is a profound work, simultaneously a theological epistemology, anthropology, ethics, and elucidation of the Trinity. Beautifully written, drawn from diverse genres, Christ the Liturgy should become the standard text in liturgical theology.”

     —D. Stephen Long, Southern Methodist University


“In this beautiful book, William Daniel explores how, in the liturgy, Christ restores to us our ‘natural nature.’ Through a deep probing of scripture, early Christian writers, and contemporary everyday life, he shows how the words and spaces and habits and people of the liturgy transform who we are—not through the work of any one of us, but through our participation in Christ’s action.”

     —William Cavanaugh, DePaul University​

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