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Billy Daniel

coaching professional and spiritual director

I am an Episcopal priest who has served in a variety of ministry, leadership, and academic settings, integrating my research, training, and experience as a coach and spiritual director. I am a trained coach and spiritual director, and I am licensed in Breath-Body-Mind, a breathing and movement program to foster alignment between the heart and mind through breathing practices. I am a husband and father of two adult children. I received my Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Nottingham, England, and I am the author of two works of theology, Inhabited by Grace and Christ the Liturgy. My two forthcoming books are Becoming, a Sacred Journey and Beginner's Heart, each deal with personal awakening and the quest for wisdom through the heart's inner aliveness.

Team Meeting

The Aliveness Workshop

Schedule an Aliveness Workshop for your team, staff, church or organization. We will explore different ways to cultivate aliveness within each person, so to foster aliveness in your organization. Through a series of interactive exercises and discussions, your group will learn practical tools and techniques to help you address and navigate change with greater ease, respect, and joy. Whether you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice, improve your personal relationships, or enhance your professional skills, The Aliveness Workshop is designed to help each person reach beyond themselves and become responsible to a larger vision. While The Aliveness Workshop does have key components, it is tailored to the needs of each group. Connect today to explore how I can help you cultivate aliveness in your organization.

Schedule a Retreat

Why do a Retreat? In the fast-paced world we navigate, taking a moment to invest in our well-being is crucial. This exclusive retreat offers a tailored experience for your leadership team, providing practical tools and spiritual insights to navigate the demands of leadership effectively.


What to Expect:

  • Practical Breathing and Movement Exercises: Learn techniques to manage stress, enhance focus, and foster well-being in the midst of your busy schedule.

  • Ice Breakers: Break down barriers, foster connections, and create an environment where every team member feels seen and valued.

  • Team Building Activities: Cultivate a sense of unity and shared purpose, fostering a resilient and collaborative leadership team.


Cultivate Aliveness Within Your Team: This retreat is designed to breathe new life into your team, church, or organization. Through a carefully curated blend of activities, I aim to inspire aliveness within your team members, helping them bring their best selves to their work and the growth of your organization.


Why Attend?

  • Personal Growth: Equip yourself with practical tools for managing stress and fostering personal well-being.

  • Professional Development: Enhance leadership skills through team-building exercises and insights.

  • Community Building: Forge deeper connections with your team members, creating a more supportive and cohesive work environment.

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